Junior Triathlon Coaching (JTC)



If you are looking for qualified, personalised, performance based triathlon coaching then you are a short call away from starting that journey.

Modern lifestyle brings huge demands on junior athletes and their parents to fit rigid club sessions around school work, extra curricular activities and social commitments and all that is before numerous, rigid club sessions are taken into account.

We are here to work around your needs and goals. Our bespoke coaching sessions take place at a time and day that suits the individual (midweek/weekend) and from a venue (from home or school) that is convenient. Training is focussed around a goal, whether that is to simply get/keep fit, increase performance in any particular discipline or have higher goals to compete in triathlon races or other athletic events.

There are a number of ways we would be able to add value and improve performance levels across the sport. These include but are not limited to:

Swimming – personalised swim sets, technique analysis, improvement related drills

Cycling – accompanied rides, structured plans, equipment/mechanical advice, turbo interval sessions

Running – individual periodised plans, track interval sessions, regularly assessed individual testing, technique analysis

Transition – tips to reduce time spent in transition between the disciplines

The sport – rules/regulations, race strategy, race events, kit and equipment

Science & Art – nutrition, how to use data, recovery, biomechanics and technique, mental preparation, technology

These are just some exciting ways we could work together to improve performance. Mostly though, it is about taking a holistic and individual approach and putting together a bespoke programme to meet your aims.

For a further discussion how it could benefit you, please visit the contact page for further details.