As we’re in the middle of race season, I thought it’s worth documenting some of the success our athletes have had. I’ve not highlighted the work of a lot of our younger athletes as for most of them success is hard to measure and it’s all about enjoyment, fun and working hard.
– GBR age group qualification for ITU World Duathlon Championships
– 13 year old – 800m PB down from 2.38 to 2.22 and 7th in the Middlesex County final (1st Richmond boy)
– TriStart Girls (8) triathlon race series leader
– 5th in TriStars3 race standings for 13 year old
– 2nd in school 1500m final (having finished 5th the year before) for Y7 pupil
– School athletics champion and a new school 60m record (9 year old)
The overriding message is that individually tailored programmes work and hard work will prevail in the end.

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